January 19, 2011

Revisiting Banaue With Batad Sidetrip (Ifugao, Philippines)

Second time in Banaue has never been this good. Booked our bus tickets day before our journey. Thanks to my good friend, Frenniel for helping me to find the Florida Bus ticketing office. The time of the trip to Banaue is usually Midnight. So, it's a night trip. The bus usually arrive in the morning. Florida Bus doesn't have a website, you can try to contact and locate them here. 

Banaue View Point. This has the perfect rice terraces in Banaue. But, yea. There's more!
Before checking in to the inn. We had breakfast at Las Vegas Restaurant
 It was considered as one of Banaue's Must Try! as written in Lonely Planet Philippines Guide Book. The food was great! Lovely Banana Pancakes. I always love to try Banana Pancakes in any place. And, listen to Banana Pancakes By: Jack Johnson.They serve wide variety of foods. From Filipino to American foods.

While waiting for our breakfast to be served, a woman uproached us and offered us some tours.
 She didn't gave that map, so we took a picture of it instead. Anyway, we contacted her and tried her tour to Batad.

We rode a tricycle to reach Ilob Village Inn. We were supposed to stay at this native ifugao house. But, we assumed that too much cold weather might make us uncomfortable to sleep.

The room is nice. Good for 4 persons. We were charged 800 for the whole overnight stay at the inn.

After resting for several hours, we contacted the lady who offered us the sidetrip to Batad and meet her up outside the Las Vegas Restaurant where we met her first.

The native ifugao house. I stayed in this house when I first visited Banaue in 2007, I think.
The skull of a carabao outside an ifugao house. I just took one photo. They're many! They have some beliefs and explanation why they're hanging these outside their houses.
The road to Batad.
We weren't able to try the top load on our forward trip. 
The sidetrip to Batad were joined by old Italian couples, a Chinese and an Irish backpacker. And the four of us, my cousin Roch, her boyfriend, Jason, my goodfriend, Janie and I.
Muddy trekking!

That was a long trek. I didn't notice that I'm overcoming my fear of doing these kind of activities. I was overwhelmed. But, tired. Anyways, it's all worth it!
Notice what I'm wearing. Slippers again. I always fail in bringing trek shoes. Anyway, all of my treks are unexpected.

The Italian couple decided to go to Tappia Fals. Our group decided to have our ate lunch at a restaurant downhill.
On our way to the start of the saddle, we took short cut. This 34678613746895483473 steps is just tiring but much nearer.
Yes! Topload, baby! Like a boss. Priceless experience, you guys should not miss this when you visit Banaue-Batad or to Bontoc-Sagada. v.v.
We saw this cool local who even offered us to drink some beers and wine with their group. Rice wine, it is! Had dinner at Las Vegas Restaurant again, and went to the inn. The brownout that time was around the whole town.
We were bored that time. It's cold. Then we decided to play cards, much some chips and some beers! My cousin Roch and Jason, teach us a new card game. 'Gin Rummy'. It was an epic night, indeed. Went sleep after. 
The morning after, we hired a tricycle to tour us. We went to different view points to see the  rice terraces and to have an up close encounter. Hahaha.
Banaue Tour Map. We also stopped at the Banaue Tourist Information Center.
Went to Banaue Museum also. The culture of the indigenous Ifugao tribe were brilliant and abundant.
My good friend, Janie. To Banaue Museum?
With mg 1000 peso bill, showcasing the actual site. The fog that time was getting heavy!
This is the site. 1000PHP.

Outside the Banaue Museum. Truly, an educational trip also. Hahaha.
Posing with an old ifugao man.
The old ifugao ladies.
With the two Old Ifugao Native Woman. Happiest persons I've met. They produce the sound "Ahihihihi" when you take pictures with them (Facts: the Old Woman on the left is 100 years old.)
Bought some pasalubongs, what can you expect? Wood materials. Hahaha.

The kid who never miss Banana Pancakes in a certain place,
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