March 29, 2012

Lovely Leiden (South-Holland, The Netherlands)

So, yeah. I've been busy in the past months finishing some school stuffs and requirements for graduation. Finally, I'll be a bachelor degree holder. Anyway, I went to Leiden, 15-20mins. from Schipol (Amsterdam Airport) last March 26, 2012. The main purpose of my travel there is to meet my good friend, Sheila. I met her when we were freshmen in college, she's now staying in Stuttgart, Germany, studying Human Medicine at University of Heidelberg. I stayed there for 3days and 2nights. Let me just say this, lovely place. Good people. Epic adventure. I'm in love with Dutch girls. Everyone's nice.

You guys might want to check this compilation of clips I took during my stay in Leiden.

I arrived at the airport almost 3 hours prior my flight. Better be sure, this is actually my first time to try a budget airline in EU. Check-in time is too easy and quick. I haven't checked-in online, so, I fall in line and got the boarding pass. The good thing about easyJet is that you don't need to worry about the weight of your hand-carry luggage, as long as it follows the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Rules and you can fit your stuffs in 1 bag/luggage. The size of the bag/luggage should be 56cm x 45cm x 25cm (22" x 17.7" x 9.8")

While waiting for my flight. I was bored at the airport. Almost 3 hours earlier prior to the scheduled time. This is the timetable and the schedule of flights.
I bought this Blueberry Muffin and Hot Cocoa for €5.00 at easyJet flight from Milan to Amsterdam. This serves as my lunch during that day.

First photo I took in Leiden. Somewhere around the "centrum", Shopping vicinity.

Every streets in Leiden has few quotations on the walls. Poetic city.

You can find some fast food chains around the city. It's best to try the local foods.

Since, Leiden is a part of The Netherlands, smoking weeds is legal here. See that girl? :)

This floating restaurant amazed me. So, I though I might give it a shot.

This photo was located right beside the photo above. Nice place, isn't it?

Facing the city center.

There are many coffee shops around the city. this one's different, it's really a café.

This is gothic church situated somewhere at the city center also.

Infront of the gothic church.

Like, yeah. Traveler mode.

The body of water in Leiden is quite large. This is one of the bridge somewhere at the town center also.

Caution: You might hit by a bike. Lol. Better watch out.

Enjoying the view, eh?

Smilin' like a dork.

This is the town municipal of Leiden.

A typical Dutch bike.

Notice the size of the buildings. All of the sizes are almost the same.


Valk Windmill. I believe, it's now a museum.

My beautiful friend, sheila.

Trying to smile in front of the sunlight. Lol.

Dutch pancakes and a glass of sweet wine.

Where I actually stayed in Leiden. This one's Ollie's flat. Sheila's bf.

Preparing the bike taht we are going to use.

Living, Young, Wild and Free. Lol. Biking aroud the city is awesome.

Bikes are everywhere. When I said everywhere, it's really everywhere.

Had garlic mussels for dinner and a glass of dark Belgian sweet beer.

So, yea. Meet Ollie. The oher guy in the pic. Shei's great bf. He's also cool.

The lightning is nice. The old Belgian ambiance was astounding.

Belgisch Bier Café Olivier.

Outside the Belgian restaurant. The dinner was terrific. Fine dining, really. Thanks for the treat, shei.

Good coffee for the day. Cappucino.

Shei prepared our English breakfast. I'm full, just looking at this picture.

On the way to Amsterdam.

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The kid who had the time of his life in Holland,

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  1. gotta try that weed just in case i visit the netherlands in the future! lol :)


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