November 6, 2011

Lost in The Mountains (Benguet, Philippines)

It was an unplanned trip. Last minute talks, last minute decisions, it was all planned the night before we depart from Manila. It was 4 years ago since I last went to Baguio for a field trip, I guess. This time, the mountainous Benguet is our final destination, I was with my High School friends, it was my good friend, Bryan's treat. No expenses. No cash-out's, only the 340 pesos discounted bus fare onward. Luckily, I was able to come with them. (October 31-November 03, 2011)

On our way to Tuba, Benguet. Philex Mining Corporation.
We arrived at Philex Mining Corporation at about 6:00PM, we decided to just roam around the whole town.
Boy's room. Our rooms are separated with girls. Good morning!
We're off to Baguio City. Our place in Benguet is an hour drive from city proper.  We enjoyed the road trip!
Fresh air. Breath-taking scenery. Good people. Priceless experience.
Forgive the shot. My lens is broke that time. No auto focusing. Yeah! We're in a mining site.
After an hour drive to Baguio City, our first stop was "Bell Temple" in La Trinidad, Benguet.
Yeah! My good friends, Bry and Roice
The Bell Temple. This place reflects Chinese culture and history.
Bell Church & Temple Entrance. Sacred place.
Going up. We reached the top.
The last temple at the top. This place has a rich Chinese culture and tradition.
Notice the two dragons at the entrance. 
Trying our Chinese 'Kung fu' inspired poses.

Went to Camp John Hay and Baguio Country Club. This is located somewhere there. Statue of Liberty's replica.
Burnham park. Rate: 100 pesos for 30 minutes. 
Bry is the photographer + paddler. 
This is the man-made lake with rowboats.
The park beside the man-made lake.
Had lunch at Jack's Restaurant. Bought some street foods, Isaw (Chicken Intestines), Binatog (Boiled Corn) and Suha (Pomelo) 
At around 5:00PM, we headed back to Benguet. Arrived at Philex after an hour. Had dinner, bought some cold beers. The only available beer at the store near Bry's house is San Miguel Pale Pilsen. It was actually my first time to try that beer, it was quite bitter than the usual San Mig Light. Tita Grace (Bry's Mom) prepared some pulutan for us. Anyway, ice is not uso in Benguet.

"Heart's all over the world tonight." With You (Chris Brown) Unexpected shot!
Taco's, Tofu and Beers. The best!
Pepperoni Pizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaa.
Played different card games. Pusoy dos, pequa, ect. Consequences to losers. 

Pequa, Kings was also played. We enjoyed that game.
This is the result of that consequences.

Overlooking, Lingayen Gulf. The skies is touching the mountains. Breath-taking!
Morning jogging?
Peace, yo! We're chillaxin' after a long sleep.
After lunch, We went to the plaza. There's an on-going event there. Philex corporation invited Talk 'n Text PBA players. We decided to go trek first. Hiking, eh?

This was taken somewhere at the top of the mountains. Pine trees all over.

Up, up, here we go, go, up, up here we go, go.
Yeah! Preparing for a trek?

Nice outfit, Roice. Never thought you're gonna trek with that bag.

Watch out. Falling rocks.
What are you doing there, Aaron? Join them.
First few attempts to trek. 
Best view. Philex dam.
How to do that?
Beautiful skies.
Peace again, yo. 
On our way down. We weren't that exhausted. Thanks to Benguet's climate.
Idol Alapag. With Janie and Roice.
We played tennis after. Nice move, Bry. 
What am I doing? Hahaha.
Then, Billiards after. Hahaha. Sexy ni Roice.
Bry, Janie and I.
Street lights.
Merienda. Fish balls, mozarella balls, banana-q, ect. Fresh fuit juice with sliced fruit, eh? HRM, friends?
Group picture. From Left to Right. Bry, Roice, Aaron, Janie and Sephy.
After the dinner, we headed to Manila.
The kid who got lost intentionally in the mountains,

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