March 26, 2011

Beautiful City of Kota Kinabalu (Sabah, Malaysia)

So, this was a post from my Facebook. I just posted it here in my blog, anyway, it's a travel blog. Everything's in detail and brief. Forgive my poor writing skills.

This is near their City hall. I think this is located at the center. Left side is the Kota Kinabalu City Hall.
This is the guard's quarter in the hotel.
Had a great time with Grandma (I call her Mama) at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia (East) last March 23-25, 2011. We booked online 2 months earlier because of the airline promo. Got to book a good hotel also for not-so-expensive-price, my Lola's right knee is not in good condition that time when we traveled, we even asked for special assistance (wheelchair) for her to become much more comfortable during our travel. Fortunately, we haven't had a hard time passing through immigrations and all. I enjoyed the whole time I spent with her, even if she just stayed in the hotel for like two days and went out on the last day.
Inside our room. It's a two single beds. Please visit: Hotel Eden54. For more information. 

I checked this hotel through Tripadvisor, it was Best Hotel in Kota Kinabalu. We had a pleasant stay at the hotel. 
Day 1: We arrived at the city at around 8:00PM, went to the taxi booth, paid MYR30 to take us to the Hotel Eden 54. Went to the supermarket beside the hotel. Chat with my Dad and Alessia. Slept at around 12MN.

The Mango shake I bought on streets.
The Suria Sabah mall is located near our hotel. It's across the street.
Day 2: Went to the Suria Sabah mall. It's just a 5minutes walk from the hotel. Bought some KFC foods for our Brunch. Took pictures of the cool graffiti art. Went to Wisma Merdeka to change our Peso to Ringgit. Walked through the Gaya Street, took some pictures of the Kota Kinabalu City Hall, City Bus, Ect. Bought a Mango shake. Unfortunately, our own (Mango Farm or Fruitas) shake version is way better. Tried the Hailam Chicken at The Chicken Rice Shop and the huge donuts at Big Apple Donuts & Coffee, also bought a massage oil (cheap MYR 5) at Guardian. I went to the Night market at around 9PM while my Gran's having a cool talk with Ted (Born-again Malay staff) we've met at the hotel. Saw the Atkinson's Tower that was existed during the WWII, got to see also the City park and the Filipino Market (where I bought some pasalubong). I also even tried the Satay and Hot chicken wings, masarap! Malay food's good. I just don't like that distinct-ginger-taste in their rice, it's better to order "white rice" instead of that "chicken rice" (for me). Went to a supermarket beside the hotel, grabbed a canned milo and a strawberry yogurt. Slept at 11PM.

Monetary in Malaysia is called Ringgit or Malaysian Ringgit (MYR). 1 MYR = PHP 13.76 

Had sumptuous breakfast at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Wisma Merdeka alongside with Suria Sabah.
Went to the port at the back of Wisma Merdeka mall, the port is facing Sout China Sea.
My favorite 3 layer tea at The Chicken Rice Shop in Suria Sabah Mall. Here's how to make the 3 layer tea.
City bus. Transportation information in Kota Kinabalu.
Somewhere at the center of the city. 
Day 3: This is our last day in Kota Kinabalu, woke up at 9AM. Went straight to a nearby coffee house without taking a bath first (LOL.), has some scones witth strawberry jam and a large hot dark chocolate. Went to the seaside - Near Jesselton port. At 11AM, my Lola and I decided to have an early lunch because we need to check-out at 1PM, we roam around the Suria Sabah mall. Had lunch at the Chicken Rice Shop, met some locals. Bought some sabah teas and some consumables as pasalubongs. Went back to the hotel, at the reception area, they have this cool area wherein you can actually swap or exchange your book, there is a pile of good book selection (you can choose from). I exchanged mine with an intersting book about 'Rabbit Stew and a Penny or Two'. After that, we waited 'til 3:30PM, called a taxi, pay MYR 30 then, went straight to the airport, checked-in (ang sungit nung malay lady sa check-in), asked for a special assistance for my Lola, and she was like "We can let you borrow a wheelchair, but, you'll be the one who will take your Gran to the gate." and, I was like "Yea, I know right. Easy!" (In a good manner), As expected, our flight was delayed. Thanks, Cebu Pacific for an hour and a half delayed. My kwento was Detailed. All in all, I enjoyed this trip. Definitely, going back and explore more about the city and their good aqua sports and activities there. Thank You, God for this opportunity to travel.
On our way to Manila. It's always nice to see the sea of clouds above the skies.

The kid who have always been in love with the sea of clouds above the skies,
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