October 23, 2011

Beginning Vigan, Ilocos Sur (Ilocos Region, Philippines)

There is something in that place that keeps me coming back for. Ilocos region has been my favorite destination up north, why? That's because the places in the north gives me memories that I can treasure for a lifetime. I have been invited by my good friend, Janie to spend three days there to celebrate her twentieth birthday celebration with her college friends at her Mom's province. It was totally a province life experience. (October 20 - 23, 2011)

Ilocos Sur:

After chillaxin' for several hours at Sta. Lucia, we traveled to Vigan and stayed there for overnight. Went to Baluarte Zoo.

I wasn't able to capture the whole BALAUARTE word. Since, I'm using my 50mm lens, I can't zoom the objectives.
I'm always interested in knowing facts about the 'Avian' world. These parrots are located at the railings near the entrance of the zoo.

I believed, this is a Philippine Cockatoo. (If I'm not mistaken)
This one is a Great Green Parrot. (Free to correct, If I'm wrong.)
After that tiring visit at Baluarte zoo, we went to Janie's relative who sells Vigan Empanada and Okoy. It is best when combined with Sukang Ilocos. Food tripping is always best when you're with friends.

Ate Florence, she's good in cooking sumptuous Vigan Empanada.
Since I'm not a fan of Empanadas, I was hesitant at first to try their version of it. Surprisingly, I liked the taste of theirs.

I ordered Special Vigan Empanada which contains the wrap, egg, papaya shreds and the delicious Vigan Longanissa.
I I first tried this Special Vigan Empanada, last summer. When I went to Vigan with High School friends. Since, then, I keep craving for more. And, that food would be one of the reason why I will keep coming back to Vigan.
Others ordered, Vigan Okoy. It contains flour, shrimps, veggies. It's also good! 
After filling out our tummy, we visited the famous Historic Town of Vigan - UNESCO World Heritage. Walked at Vigan Heritage Village. I fell in love with this old place since my first visit with family way back in 2003, I think.

I always find myself going back to this place. It's actually my third time here. VIgan Heritage Village.
This is a typical "Tricycle" in Vigan. They have that plate number. It's cool!
There's this "newly opened" super club in Vigan Heritage Village.
The best part of this village = Street lights in ancestral houses during night time.
Janie's good friend, and my new friend also, Billie, nice cam!
Janie with Preciel, her college best friend.

Vigan always looks good anytime of the day.
The kid who always wants to know history,
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