December 17, 2011

7 Ways To Survive Long Flights

Being on board for about one (1) hour or two (2) is good, but after that?... It kills us... to boredom. Many of us don't like staring at those back seat screens with flight map on it. It's terrifying! Btw, I just survived a long flight from Manila to Abu Dhabi for about nine (9) hours from Manila, then, another connecting flight from Abu Dhabi to Milan for six (6) straight long hours to get to my final destination which happen to be in Italy. So, let me share to you guys my own seven (7) ways to survive long (terrifying) flights (these tips are quite effective for me).

7. Use your camera. (I always bring my camera whenever I go to a certain place or another. I capture everything. Except those in immigration. Take note: It's prohibited to use camera in immigration's. I saw a woman being scolded by an immigration officer for taking photos of the immigration office in Sabah, Malaysia. Never use camera in immigrations. Moving on. So, I use my camera whenever I'm in the airport waiting for flights, documenting my meal at the plane and capturing one of my favorite thing in this world. The sea of clouds above the skies. I use my camera to capture everything. Anyway, it's my hobby.)

Yes. I capture everything.
When I say everything. I mean it. Haha. Yes, even my shoes. This was taken in Abu Dhabi International Airport.
That. Sea of clouds.
6. Get to know new people. (This may be awkward to some of you guys, but, yeah. this can sometimes be a good good way to kill boredom and meet new friends. Be approachable. Get to know your airplane seatmates, or some people in the gate before the boarding. I met some few good people before, during long flights whom I treasure until now. When I was a little bit younger, whenever I travel, I always accompanied and taken care of by some stewardess and airplane crews. The good thing that time is that I always met cool people at my age. During my flight to back to Manila, I met Steffi, we met when I was 13. And, she was 14 then, I think. The wrong pronunciation of Chinese ground steward of my name *read with a hard tongue* 'ehy-rown-dah' instead of, Aaron Dave, that is written - misspelled on the boarding pass; led us to become friends, along with others. Yeah, you can also gain friends through long flights.)

Steffi. Photo from her fb. Haha. (Hindi ako nakapagpaalam.)
5. Play games. In-flight games. (This might be too child-ish but, it's effective to kill boredom. I sometimes play interactive in-flight games such as bejeweled, hangman, ect. This is sometime quite entertaining too.)

Photo by: Arcade Playa
4. Listen to music. Good music. (There is available in-flight music - entertainment sometimes in the airline. Also, your iPod, mp3, ect. would be a good friend during long flights. It's necessary when you're into music.)

Good music. Photo by: Anya Clowers Jet With Kids, 7 Tips for In-flight Entertainment.
3. Write your travel plans. (If you're not a fan of plans, it's ok.  I just did it twice the last time I got bored from a long fourteen (14) hours flight from Manila to Amsterdam. And, this recent long flight from Manila to Abu Dhabi. I sometimes don't do this too. I just let things happen and follow where my feet takes me.)

PLAN-e. Haha. Plans.
2. Watch in-flight movies. (If it's available. Usually this is available in airline that offers long flights internationally.)

In-flight movies.
2. Bring and read books. (I prefer travel books. Novels are my second. If you finished this books, you can browse also the in-flight magazines.)

In-flight magazines sometimes has information about the place where your are going.
In-flight magazines.
While waiting for the boarding.
1. Think. Just think about things that is going through your life and what will happen next. (This is what I usually do after getting bored watching those in-flight movies and after getting and itchy eyes reading books. Think about random things, like your plans, goals, dreams, dream big. And, Pray.)

Think. With this astounding view.
The kid who has love and hate relationship with long flights,
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