November 11, 2011

Sky Lanterns: 11.11.11 at 11:11 PM (Pasig, Philippines)

When I first heard of this event, one thing that flashed to my mind is the article that I've read about the sky lantern festival in Chang Mai, Thailand (Northern Thailand) that originally and traditionally used there, also last week, I saw the Lonely Planet Guide Book, Thailand at National Bookstore also that it covers the lantern.

That night was a blast. Went to Banchetto in Megatent, Ortigas Center, Pasig City with some college friends. Went there to try the foodtripping they offer. The food was a little bit pricey compared to the normal price of goods outside, but not much. Let's say the Isaw (Chicken Intestines) on stick costs 25 pesos /per stick. The juice on plastic cups costs 30 pesos. It's actually my first time at Banchetto. Heard many good feed-backs about Banchetto from some of my friends back in highschool. We went there actually to see the said Sky Lantern - Wishing Lantern"Event" which you can put your wishes on a wishing paper and you can attach it with the lantern; they will light up all of the 1,000 lanterns altogether at exactly 11:11 PM in the same date, 11.11.11 which happens once in a lifetime. Unfortunately, the said event was cancelled due to some 'safety reasons' daw. But, yeah. they lighted up one sky lantern for testing and for media exposure.

One of few sky lanterns they light up.
An, it goes up. The normal sky lantern goes up to maximum limit of 500 meters, as they said.
Food-tripping, puto bumbong, anyone?
Tired. The whole group, except me. L-R: Karla (Lovely's cousin), Lovely, Lesyl, Frenniel, Marx and Mik.

Went to Metrowalk after, chilled at Starbucks. Banchetto is full-packed that night.
There's this one group who light up their sky lanterns at the parking lot near Banchetto.
Capturing low lightning shots is hard, you know? Haha. Forgive me, I didn't brought my tripod.
Yeah. With flash on.
It's magical when you see these lanterns up above the skies.
Went to Starbucks Metrowalk after 11:11 PM.
Those wiring-look-like is actually sky lanterns, it's magical.
Mikhail and I, look at the crowd at our back.
Yeah! Sky lanterns. Up close.
Exhausted. Going home that time. 
The kid who appreciates the sky lanterns when together above the skies,


  1. those lanterns remind of the movie Tangled =)

  2. sayang, i heard some people from as far as bicol even went to that event only to learn that it was cancelled.

  3. Yes, sir. It was disappointing. On a lighter note, ok na din. Para di masunog buong Ortigas. Hehe. Pero, the organizers should forsee it before organizing such event. Btw, thanks for vising my blog, sir. Such an honor.


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