September 11, 2010

Reaching The Taal's Crater (Luzon, Philippines)

The itinerary of this trip was originally staying in Tagaytay only. We rented a 15 seater van for the day, while we're waiting for our friends who tried the zip lining at Picnic Groove in Tagytay we were approached by Manong who offered us a day trip to see the peak of Taal Volcano. We were somewhat hesitant at first because it was almost past 12 in the afternoon and our stomachs are empty. Manong said that we can have lunch at the resort. My college friends are adventurous so we gave it a try. Apparently, we're not prepared to do some hiking and stuff.  Actually, we weren't able to bring anything for hiking, take note: What we're wearing for a day tour in Tagaytay is all we have and an extra shirt. So here it goes:

This how we looked like inside the van, I'm at the last seat.
Some of us were sleeping because we departed in Manila at around 7am in the morning.

While waiting for the van, we paid some entrance fees and other fees.
Some of my adventurous classmates tried the Tagaytay Ridge Zipline
Saw this little insect at the railings of the stairs. "Life's hard, y'know.?"
Creepy abandoned old structure.
On our way to Batangas. We're getting ready to conquer Taal's trek.
We rented two Bancas. Yes, we're getting close to the volcano. 
We always thought that this is the Taal Volcano. The Taal Volcano is actually the Volcano beside that. That is active.
Yeah! Almost there.
And yeah. We finally reached the start of the saddle.
Let the trekking begins. Notice our outfits: slippers, shorts, ect.
The trek would normally consume 40mins. to 1 1/2 hour. Depending on how fast you are. I was dead tired at the first half. Thanks to the people who sells bottled water at the start of the saddle. Note: Don't rent hats. It's sometimes useless. The stick or tungkod is better.

We reached the mouth. We were on the peak of Taal Volcano. Magnificent!
Our good friend, Mik. Took us some group pictures.
The actual peak/mouth of the Taal Volcano. It's actually look like a big lake surrounded by islets.
My good friends, Vanessa and Sexy (Rose Anne). On our way down, we rented the horses for 100 pesos /per one way. Horseback riding, baby!
The kid who have been astounded by the magnificent Taal's peak,


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